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Rebeca Pearson - Redzone Real Estate Agent

Rebeca Pearson

(904) 703-2295

Rebeca is the definition of a “People Person”. She is also incredibly detail-oriented and a problem solver. She finds ways to overcome challenges and “Cross Bridges”.

She is the mother of 2. She has dual degrees in theology and education. She immigrated to the United States 20 years and of that, spent 17 years in corporate America. She decided to change her career path 3 years ago and become a licensed Florida Realtor.
All of her experiences as a teacher, a pastor, and a financial advisor have created the swiss army knife of real estate agents. From counseling buyers and sellers, leading them to follow God’s guidance, and advising them through the real estate transaction, she is here to help you.
Rebeca is bi-lingual and speaks english and spanish.
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