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How many houses should you see before buying or offering?

A bit of a loaded question, but one that deserves an answer anyway, how many houses should you see before you buy or submit an offer? Is the answer three, five, ten, twenty or more?

There’s no complete answer and it does vary from one buyer to another. Some buyers will see one house, make an offer, buy it and be done. Others will search for months before finding what they are looking for. There are several factors that go into figuring out how many properties you need to see before buying or making an offer.

Do you Need to Buy Now?

Maybe you received a new job in the Jacksonville area and you’re ready to buy a home immediately. If your timeline is tight, you may not look at nearly as many properties as a buyer with a flexible timeline. Even if you’ve been renting and your lease is about to be up, you may not have the flexibility to look at dozens of properties.

What do you Need in a Home?

Matching a property to your needs will also impact how many properties you see before submitting an offer. If you don’t have many solid needs, you may end up seeing more properties because you don’t really know what you need. However, if you have a list of needs ready before you start house shopping, you won’t need to see as many properties.

When you create a full list of what you need in a home, including size, neighborhood, school district and amenities, you’ll be able to eliminate many properties before seeing them. With a good list of needs, you may only see a handful of properties before submitting an offer and buying.

Are you Seeking a Forever Home?

Is this next home you buy going to be the last one you buy for decades, or maybe ever? If so, you may end up looking at dozens of properties before deciding on the perfect choice for your specific needs and wants. A forever home is something you should take very seriously as it should be exactly what you need now and will need in the future.

Will this Home be a Retirement Home?

If you’re searching for a home to retire, you’ll want the right community and right home. You’ll want to make sure you can handle the maintenance throughout retirement and the home will fit your needs. Retirees often have experience with home buying, as well. This means they may not need to see as many properties before buying.

What’s the Real Answer?

The answer to the question, how many houses should you see before buying or offering, isn’t so simple. Every situation is different. You may see one home and fall in love with it. It could take dozens of showings before you find the right property.

Some buyers even submit an offer sight unseen after seeing a listing online. The number of homes you must see before submitting an offer or buying depends on you. When you have the right real estate agent helping you, this isn’t something to worry about. See as many or as few homes as necessary to find the one you want to buy.

How many houses should you see before buying or offering?

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