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What Makes Jacksonville’s Riverside Appealing to Home Buyers

If you’re preparing for your big move to Jacksonville, you may want to get familiar with the Riverside neighborhood. This is becoming an area very appealing to home buyers because of everything it offers for all lifestyles. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, and walkable historic districts here in Riverside, making it a highly coveted place to live.

You’ll spend Saturdays at the Riverside Arts Market or indulging in brunch at chic restaurants followed by shopping at boutiques and vintage stores, while the work week is filled with exciting work lunches and dinners at fantastic restaurants around this charming neighborhood. Take a closer look at what makes Riverside so appealing to buyers right now.

Where is Riverside?

Riverside is actually considered one with Avondale because the two are adjacent and closely associated. The residential area includes Five Points, The Shoppes of Avondale, and King Street District. It’s along the St. Johns River just southwest of Downtown Jacksonville. You’ll find its boundaries with the St. Johns River to the east, Interstate 10 to the north, Roosevelt Blvd and the CSX Railroad to the west, and then Fishweir Creek to the south.

It was developed by in 1868 making it a very historical area of Jacksonville, but it saw the biggest growth in the early 1900s between the Great Fire of 1901 and the Florida land boom in the 20s; the same time as the development of Avondale. These neighborhoods are known for having diverse architecture, actually making them Florida’s most architecturally varied neighborhood, and for their dedication to preserving the history which has also landed them on the National Register Historic Districts list.


What is the area like?

The commercial district within Riverside and Avondale is Five Points, King Street, and Shoppes of Avondale. Five Points is the trendy area for arts and commerce, known for the Park Arcade Building, the Sun-ray Cinema from the 1920s, and the Italian Renaissance revival structure offering lots of stores, with independent, edgy, and bohemian vibes. King Street is the bustling nightlife area, known for some historic buildings as well as exciting newer craft breweries, shopping, and restaurants that have joined the scene.  The Shoppes offers 46 storefronts for popular shopping opportunities in this area of town.

The neighborhood here is known for being historic, walkable, and a hip part of town. Along with being one of the oldest neighborhoods, even taking residence on the National Registry of Historic Places list, it’s also one of the top 10 Great Neighborhoods of the country.

It’s charming, offers culture, and yet even modern with all of the upgrades and new businesses that have joined the area. You’ll find a young population, as well as upscale apartment buildings, and million dollar waterfront properties. It’s a very friendly area with a love for urban living, people that like to keep it local, and world-class attractions such as the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens.

Why the popularity?

The main reason this area is so popular to home buyers right now is that people can’t get enough of its artsy, funky, outdoor-friendly, local personality that brings delicious food, local goods, and a lot of fun both indoors and out. You’ll want to go to Black Sheep for a rooftop drink in Five Points, Bold City Brewery for craft beers on King Street, and the Florida Creamery on Avondale to get some retro sweet treats.

Shop at unique stops like the Emly Benham boutique for your favorite Jimmy Choo and Prada guilty pleasures or hit the quirky Edge City that once carried Betsey Johnson’s clothing in Five Points. Hit the nightlife of King Street before hitting the Riverside Arts Market on Saturday for art, farm goods, baked goods, and interaction with small businesses in the area.

It’s known for its eclectic mix of boutiques, vintage collectibles, bars, and restaurants. It’s the food mecca for the city of Jacksonville putting the rest of town to shame, appealing to every taste bud from the coffee lover to the craft beer aficionado, and everything in between.

Whether you love a historical neighborhood with sophisticated museums and waterfront properties, or you like a sense of community with local goods and unique places to go, Riverside pretty much offers it all. Be sure to check out the homes available in this area for your upcoming move to Jacksonville!

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