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How a Virtual Tour Can Help Sell Your Home

Have you considered adding a virtual tour of your house to your listing? You may not have known but virtual tours are actually helping to sell homes now more than ever. There is something about getting to experience a home for yourself online before even picking up the phone to see it that can make a buyer fall in love and start imagining life there.

With everything else we can do online now, being able to tour a home should definitely be one of them. Take a look at why you should have a virtual tour of your home available to buyers before they even schedule a time to see it in person.

How virtual tours work

Virtual tours are essentially a way for buyers to tour your home online from the comfort of their home. They will be able to see the home from a computer or device by scrolling around images of each room one by one.

Some virtual tours use flat-screen views that will feel like a moving image as you watch them come together while others will offer a 3D or digital, moving image that feels like you are really there. Virtual tours can also feature options like 180 or 360-degree views with interactive elements to allow the ultimate viewing experience. This can be created with a professional or on your own with the right software. Redzone Realty Group is one of the only companies in Jacksonville that uses Matterport technology for their virtual tours, which is 3D software that is unmatched by any other company.

How to create it

You’ll either want to buy your own software to create it yourself or you can hire a professional to create it from scratch or with your photos. You’ll want at least 36 photos and a few spins around each room. Typically sellers will hire a professional (*hint* Redzone Realty Group!) to take care of the entire process leaving you to be in charge of sharing the final product online. You can add additional features with the creators such as audio giving the tour, scrolling text to describe each area, and more.

Promoting it

Once the final product has been made, you’ll want to promote it with your realtor. Have it linked to your agent’s MLS number and then your agent should put it on their website. It can definitely go on social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. It can also go on sites like for buyers in the area that are looking for homes that offer a virtual tour.

How it sells your home differently

Buyers are becoming more and more dependent on shopping online and that isn’t different when it comes to finding their dream home. When they can get as much information about a property ahead of time, they come to a viewing appointment with their minds mostly made up about a property.

There isn’t much surprise left when it’s time to view the property in person because they were able to get questions answered ahead of time and get a feel for the house through 3D imagery. When your home offers this moving photo tour through the entire home compared to a listing with just regular photos, your house is going to draw more attention and sell much faster. It not only offers more information to a buyer, but it’s more attractive as a listing.

Your virtual tour can be done in multiple mediums to accomplish the same results. You can create it as a video while you are narrating the tour during the filming. You can use panoramic photos to cover almost an entire room in one shot and collaborate it with your other photos to create a virtual tour. You can use software or hire a company to create it for you.

Regardless of how you do it, you’re giving buyers more information up front and a better understanding of the condition of the home before scheduling an appointment to see it in person. For these reasons, you are ultimately going to end up with buyers that are more serious and are coming into a viewing confident in their desire to make an offer.

Don’t cut out the virtual tour when it comes to your home listing marketing plans. These are selling homes faster and more efficiently and may eventually become the norm!

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