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4 Reasons that Make Jacksonville a Great Housing Market

What is it about Jacksonville that makes it such a great housing market? If you’re considering a move here or you’ve just arrived for a new job or opportunity, it’s time to learn what it is about Jacksonville that makes it unique. Not only does it have a unique location in Florida for the ultimate access to everything, but it is full of job opportunity, top-notch schools, and amazing weather. Housing sales are going up and there’s a reason for it. Take a closer look at these four reasons for proof:

Sales are up

For starters, Jacksonville’s housing market is noticing undeniable increases in sales. Part of the reason is that more people are arriving into Jacksonville and setting shop, but also just for the fact that housing prices are reasonable for former renters. You’ll see many buyers targeting areas like San Jose and Riverside, which looks good on the whole city’s market. Trends are indicating an increase in Jacksonville real estate sales. The median price in Jacksonville from for the spring was just under $170k.

The Schools are Incredible

One of the best reasons to live in Jacksonville is access to the top-notch schools offered here. You’ll find popular elementary schools including Chet’s Creek, San Pablo, and John Stockton Elementary, while James Weldon and Fruit Cove are great options for middle school. Fleming Island High School and Stanton College Prep are great options for high school education. You also have Bolles, Trinity Christian, Bishop Kenny, Providence, and Episcopal private schools. It’s easy to see what would draw families to the area when they can count on a great education from elementary school through college here.

The Job Market

Jacksonville is bringing people in left and right because of all of the job possibility seen here. Jobs are up and unemployment is down in Jacksonville, causing housing sales to increase and the population to go up as well. In fact, Jacksonville has seen almost 4% in an increased job growth rate since 2016 putting it as one of the healthiest ranked markets for employment in the entire state.

The increase of people coming to the area of jobs and homes, as well as very few leaving the area, bring in economic stability and better job security to residents. Usually, the beautiful weather and great schools keep people wanting to stick around.

You can drive anywhere

Lastly, Jacksonville is a huge driving city. It’s the type of city where you can drive just about anywhere and it makes it easy for people to commute to work, to experience the local culture, and to feel the freedom to get out and do things. It’s actually about 97% of the city that commute by car to get to work and enjoy life in Jacksonville. Plus, you rarely hit a bad traffic jam!

Have you ever wondered what it is that is making Jacksonville’s housing market so great? Consider these four reasons that point to the obvious answer and show why Jacksonville truly stands out. Contact Redzone Realty Group today and let us help you find your dream home!

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