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Beach Living Options in Jacksonville – Florida’s First Coast

Florida’s First Coast is one of the best places to call home. Jacksonville offers plenty of beaches to enjoy and if you prefer to live near the beach or on the beach, you’re in luck. There are condos and homes found right on the beach near Jacksonville, Florida.

Within the Jacksonville area, there are three main beach living options to choose from. Let’s look at each of these three to get a better idea of what to expect.

Jacksonville Beach

Many locals call it Jax Beach is it’s the southern-most of the three beaches on this list. In addition, it’s the most popular of the three for residents to enjoy. The beach runs from the northernmost point of Ponte Vedra up to the southernmost point of Neptune Beach. It’s called the best-kept secret by many in the area because of the great surf and sand.

Jacksonville Beach is a smaller community with a love for the arts, for music and for nature. It’s found about 20 miles from downtown Jacksonville and has a population of nearly 23,000 residents. It’s a family-friendly beach area with unique shopping, a good foodie scene and plenty of attractions. The Jacksonville Beach Fishing Pier is one of those attractions, along with South Beach Park and Sunshine Playground.

Homes in Jacksonville Beach include both single-family options and condominiums. Single-family homes come in with an average price around $495K, while condos come in with an average closer to $250K. Of course, more expensive and more luxurious homes and condos are also found within the area.

Neptune Beach

The next beach living option on the list is Neptune Beach. It starts where the northernmost point of Jacksonville Beach is found and runs to the southernmost point of Atlantic Beach. Located in Duval County, this beach community is much smaller than Jacksonville Beach. It’s home to about 7,200 residents.

While it’s a smaller community, Neptune Beach still offers plenty of shopping and dining options. The community is known for an attractive downtown and a love for the arts and culture. An average home in Neptune Beach for go for around $411K.

Atlantic Beach

The final beach living option on the list for the Jacksonville area is Atlantic Beach. This is the northernmost beach of Florida’s First Coast options and starts where Neptune Beach ends. Atlantic Beach offers a small town feel with good schools, plenty of amenities and so much more. It’s also home to the Mayport Naval Station and the Matthews Bridge.

Atlantic Beach offers plenty of shopping, art museums and it’s home to a major college campus. The St. John’s River is found about 20 minutes away and many residents do commute to Jacksonville for work. The community also offers parks with walking and biking trails, along with plenty of events throughout the year. The real estate in Atlantic Beach is HOT so act now!

These three beach living options offer plenty of variety for homebuyers moving to the Jacksonville area. If you’ve dreamed of living on or near the beach, choose one of these three Florida’s First Coast options and you’ll be thrilled with your new home.

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