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A Local’s Guide to the Jacksonville Brewery Scene

Jacksonville is filled with great breweries and craft beer. When you’re considering relocating to the city, you may want to consider living close to one of the top breweries if beer is something you love. Here’s a look at some of the top breweries found throughout the Jacksonville area.

Intuition Ale Works

A very popular brewery found in the heart of Downtown Jacksonville, Intuition Ale Works is a great choice for Jaguar fans and concert lovers. It’s found right along the St. John’s River and offers a great place to grab a beer or a bite.

The brewery offers a taproom with a small plate menu filled with dishes from Black Sheep. You can enjoy the patio area overlooking the river and plenty of in-house brews here. Choosing to live in the Downtown Jacksonville area will give you easy access to Intuition Ale Works.

Bold City Brewery

Another great choice for excellent local beer is Bold City Brewery. This is one of the local favorites and has a location in the downtown area and Five Points area. Bold City Brewery offers good music, a relaxing atmosphere, and plenty of board games to enjoy, while you’re sipping on excellent beer.

Hyperion Brewing Company

A great choice for those looking to enjoy a nano-brewery, Hyperion Brewing Company is the first nano-brewery in Florida. It was opened in May of 2017, so it’s very new, but the beer has already become a hit in Jacksonville.

Relocating to Jacksonville and calling the Historic Springfield home will give you easy access to this brewery. It’s filled with great fun with food trucks found here regularly and a very popular back patio.

Green Room Brewing

A top microbrewery in Jacksonville, Green Room Brewing offers plenty of locally made beer to enjoy. It’s found just minutes from the ocean and offers a fun atmosphere with plenty of board games. You can even bring your dog to the brewery and enjoy 16 beers on tap with new beers every Thursday.

Green Room Brewing is found in Jacksonville Beach. Those choosing to live in Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach or Neptune Beach will gain easy access to this popular Jacksonville brewery.

Engine 15 Brewing Company

Another great brewery found in Jacksonville Beach, Engine 15 Brewing Company offers a wonderful brewpub with plenty of great beer. They also have a tap room and Biergarten in Downtown Jacksonville.

Engine 15 offers a number of events throughout the year and has some of the most unique brews in the area. With a total of 50 tap lines, there are plenty of great beers on tap at Engine 15 and not just their own beers. They also have a selection of guest beers they serve, year round.

If you’re looking to relocate to Jacksonville and you want access to several great breweries, living in Jacksonville Beach or in Downtown Jacksonville will offer excellent access. These are just a few of the many great breweries and brewpubs found throughout the city and the surrounding area. Many others offer good beer, good food, and plenty of fun, as well.

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