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5 Simple DIY Projects to Boost Your Curb Appeal

When it’s time to list your home for sale, curb appeal will make a big difference. You don’t have to invest thousands to boost curb appeal. Instead, you can use these five DIY projects to help make your home look amazing!

Paint the Front Door

A cost-effective project you can handle yourself, painting the front door helps to renew your entryway. You can add a bold color to make your home stand out or keep with the current theme of your home’s exterior color.

For the cost of a gallon of paint, you can add curb appeal fast. This project is probably the best choice on the list if you have a tight budget and you really want to boost your curb appeal.

Bonus: Along with painting your front door, consider upgrading the hardware. Add a new doorknob and deadbolt lock to make it look even better.

Spruce Up the Mailbox

Before we get into sprucing up your mailbox, it’s important to note; if you have a novelty mailbox, it’s time to swap it out for a traditional option. 

Now that we got that out of the way, there are several ways you can spruce up your mailbox. If it’s old and not in good shape, a new mailbox is the right choice. However, if the mailbox is in good shape, you can give it a fresh coat of paint and update your house numbers.

Along with actually making the mailbox look better, you can paint or replace the post. With a fresh coat of paint on the post for your mailbox, you’ll add a little boost to your curb appeal without spending much cash.

Bonus: A little landscaping around the mailbox goes a long way. If you have an area around the post, plant a few flowers to make it even more appealing.

Plant a Tree

One of the most common budget-friendly ways to boost curb appeal is to plant a tree. Consider the type of tree that makes the most sense and where you will put it. It’s important to understand how large the tree will get as it grows, too.

Bonus: If you have enough room in your yard, consider planting two trees. You can use the trees to frame your home or the entryway to add a nice boost of curb appeal. 

You can learn how to properly plant a tree with this video from the DIY Network. 

Add Flower Boxes

When your home lacks color, adding flower boxes is a great way to add a pop of color to the exterior. You can build these yourself and they are pretty cheap to create. The flowers may cost a bit more than the actual window boxes, but they will be worth it.

Bonus: Along with window boxes, you can add a small container garden or two on the front porch with pots. The right plants in these pots can add a welcoming aroma and a little bit more greenery to your entryway.

Install a Porch Swing

If you have a front porch, adding a porch swing is a great DIY project to boost curb appeal. It’s pretty inexpensive and an easy project anybody can handle. The cozy and homey feel you will create will shine through for potential buyers.

Bonus: If you’re super handy, you can attempt to build a porch swing from scratch. It may save you some cash and give you a project to enjoy. Here’s a tutorial you can follow to help with this DIY project.

There are many great ways to boost curb appeal, but not all are inexpensive or easy to do yourself. These five projects offer great choices when you’re getting ready to list your home for sale.

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