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3 Reasons Murray Hill is a Great Area for First Time Home Buyers

If you’re a first-time buyer in the Jacksonville area, you are definitely going to want to check out Murray Hill. It’s right up your alley for a first-time buyer because it offers a variety of home prices for a variety of budgets, businesses are looking for a new area to call home rather than some other already established neighborhoods, and it offers both nature and city life in one.

It’s now considered one of the social centers of Jacksonville and you’ll definitely want to look at some homes in this artistic and diverse area. Take a look at the three biggest reasons that Murray Hill is the place to buy your first home.

It’s affordable

When you’re a first-time buyer, you are likely seeking something that will be an affordable starter home for your growing family. Murray Hill is a great place to start the search with affordable homes and a variety of budgets being accommodated here. You can find a 3 bedroom home for anywhere from $65k to $200k depending on what you are looking for.

This neighborhood gives you an option outside of the typical Avondale and Riverside seekers and gives you both a quaint and affordable neighborhood that is heating up with popularity right now. This neighborhood may eventually evolve into a more expensive option as many investors and businesses are seeking properties here as things are beginning to grow.

The homes are often fewer than 4 bedrooms being homes mostly built in the 40s, which means prices are more affordable and homes are the perfect size for family’s first.

The architecture and variety

You’ll love the 1940’s architecture found here but one of the oldest homes here is from 1898 over on Talbot Avenue. The homes are smaller here making it perfect for a young family. You’ll love the old-fashioned feel of Edgewood Avenue South, the main strip in the neighborhood, featuring original merchants like the Edgewood Bakery and Murray Hill Theater.

The architecture varies giving you both the older, brick homes that have been updated with some modern features, to modern, Southern homes. You’ll see homes using brick, concrete, stucco, and wood, as well as cottages, bungalows, and southern style homes.

You’ll have to work with the Murray Hill Preservation Association on updates you wish to make to the home in order to protect the historical character of the community. You’ll be able to find everything from condos to townhouses to sing family homes ranging from 1908 to 2018 and with as few as 1 bedroom to as many as 8 bedrooms. Closing prices range from $30k – $800k.

The access to city life

One of the best parts of this neighborhood is that you’ll enjoy both green spaces and access to city life. You’ll have access to nature you crave in a neighborhood with its parks and community gardens to city life to give you access to restaurants and an art scene. Parks like Four Corners and Murray Hill Playground are available for families to enjoy, as plenty of businesses and professional services in the area.

You’ll find that Edgewood, while filled with original merchants, also features new restaurants and local shops. Stop by Maple Street Biscuit, Moon River Pizza, or Vagabond Coffee when you’re ready for a treat with the family. It’s definitely the place to go for up-and-coming bars, independent coffee shops, and vintage boutiques.

It’s the kind of neighborhood where you will walk by seeing families walking the dog while enjoying the local park, another headed to the Murray Hill Theater, and others are enjoying a new eatery on Edgewood. It’s a vibrant community with plenty to see and do. For these 3 reasons, Murray Hill is really the perfect place to start owning a home and raising a family.

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