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Jacksonville vs. Orlando: 3 Big Differences in the Real Estate Markets

You may think the city where Mickey Mouse lives is going to have one of the best real estate markets, but actually, it’s Jacksonville that is standing out. While Orlando seems to be theme park central and has a huge tourism industry, Jacksonville is known for being a place to settle down, has a thriving university scene, and offers affordability, a solid job market, and great neighbors. Take a look at the three biggest differences between the real estate markets in Jacksonville vs. Orlando.

Cost of Living

One of the biggest reasons why people want to be in Jacksonville over Orlando is that Jacksonville is simply more affordable. With Orlando being such a huge tourist destination, you’ll find that the cost of living goes up and so does everything else.

For example, shows that your $3,800 in Jacksonville would require you to have $4,348.76 in Orlando to enjoy the same standard of life. This is a huge jump when you have to consider everything from your loaf of bread at the grocery store to your gasoline costing a little bit more. This all adds up, especially when you consider that average net salaries are higher in Jacksonville.


Next, you’ll find that the lifestyle is so different in these two markets. While Jacksonville is known for its untouched beaches, open space thanks to being the largest city in northeastern Florida and having the largest urban park system in the country, as well as its great community.

Orlando is known for first and foremost as the “Theme Park Capital of the World.” Orlando sees 55 million annual visitors which translates to crazy traffic and long lines everywhere you go. There is no escaping to the beach in Orlando unless you’re willing to go out of town, and while access to the theme parks can be a fun treat, they are hot and crowded most of the year.

Jacksonville is known for relaxation, dining by the water, taking your boat out for a day of fishing, and hitting the beach after a day at the office.


Lastly, you’ll find that Orlando is more densely populated than Jacksonville. The population of Orlando is much lower than Jacksonville but the land area is vastly different. Jacksonville has a population density of 1,160 while Orlando’s is 2,446. There are way more family households in Jacksonville and more single, childless adults living in Orlando.

Homes in Jacksonville are also less expensive and more likely to be rented in Jacksonville over Orlando. Additionally, the median age of a home in Jacksonville is younger than the median age of homes in Orlando, pointing to the higher accumulation of retired adults in Orlando. Jacksonville is known for its young families and active lifestyle. While there is much to appreciate about both areas of Florida, Jacksonville is truly something special. These are the 3 biggest differences in Jacksonville and Orlando, as well as the reasons many people tend to favor our Jacksonville area.

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