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3 Things You May Not Know Your Realtor Can Do For You

When it’s time to buy or sell a house, your first call is likely to a referral realtor that can help you through the process. It’s usually someone you hire without a second thought, but have you ever wondered what all a realtor is supposed to do for you that you won’t have to do for yourself?

Instead of thinking of your realtor as someone who just shows you the home, draws up the papers, and earns their commission, you should think about what a realtor is handling on your behalf that is not only saving you time and energy but could also save you money. Use the expertise and convenience of a realtor knowing that they are helping you in these three ways that you may not have realized.

They learn the market for you

Do you have the time or experience to learn about the current market, find available properties, and learn about specifics that could affect you in the long-term, such as when a home is in a flood zone? Do you know how to properly price your home compared to comparable properties on the market?

Your real estate agent gets educated and uses their expertise to help you price your home for sale or find great properties for your family’s needs when it’s time to buy. It can be difficult to be matched up with the right properties on your own, and your realtor has likely already taken the time to tour properties and even prepared a preview of it. You won’t have time to visit every single option in your budget, but your realtor has and can tell you which ones are not going to suit you before you take the time to check it out.

They handle annoying administrative tasks

While you could make the phone calls to get a tour of available properties on your own, you may find you’ll be put on a waitlist or not responded to right away if you don’t work with a realtor. Your realtor is not only there to find you homes and get your offer in, but they take care of all of the annoying administrative tasks that you don’t have time for. Your agent schedules the tour for their clients and for the ones selling; the realtor will take care of talking to buyer’s agents and fielding email inquiries.

In addition, they spend other time in the week marketing, writing up offers, and attending pitch sessions in which they can swap listing info with other agents. Plus, they are on-call most of the time making sure problems get solved when the phone rings and things are on a deadline.

They stay informed on the inspection and manage the closing

After you’ve found the home you want and inspections underway, you are likely waiting for your realtor to call you with the news. During that wait, your realtor is actually sticking around for the inspection to make sure he or she has the results right away. You can go home while your realtor finds out if there is a termite problem or leak.

When it comes to the closing, your realtor is going to manage the whole process. You don’t have to try to negotiate on your own with the agent, but instead, your agent will be handling these things for you. They will make sure everything is signed correctly and all have a copy that needs it. Relax while your agent handles this final and most important step.

If you ever wondered how a realtor earns the commission you are paying them, have peace of mind knowing that your realtor is working hard on your behalf in these three major ways. Contact a Jacksonville Real Estate Professional at Redzone Realty, today!

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