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7 Tips for a Successful Open House

What’s the key to having a great Open House experience? Most people would tell you preparation is key to success. While that’s true, it does leave much to be desired for a seller trying to get good tips on making their open house not only a great experience but also successful.

You can deep clean the house and put up signs around the neighborhood to advertise it, but that’s not going to be enough. Along with cleaning, decluttering and staging, you’ll need to focus your efforts on marketing, interactions, and collecting potential leads. Take a look at the seven tips that will make sure you have a successful open house this year.

Getting started with a deep clean

Staging, staging, staging. That is the first key to a successful open house. You need to deep clean everything to show buyers what your house looks like in its prime. Then, you need to declutter your belongings. You don’t have to move everything out in order to sell your home, but you do need to set up your furniture for the best staging in each room while removing personal items that make buyers feel that they are moving into an occupied home. Take out personal photos, hygienic products, clothing, knickknacks, valuables, and any pieces that are cluttering up the home.

Creating the right environment

Now that you’ve cleaned the house, removed personal items, and staged each room to appeal to buyers, it’s time to create the right environment for open house day. Make sure you’ve made each room feel neutral from the paint colors to the throw pillows on the sofa.

Remove items that could be offensive or too personalized, such as an animal head on the wall or suggestive artwork. Close all of the toilet lids and remove the fuzzy toilet cover that reminds buyers of being in someone else’s home. Remove the bathmats, kitchen mats, and rugs that cover up the floor so that buyers can see the real flooring and start envisioning their own belongings in this blank slate of a home.

How to host a successful open house

Don’t be at the open house

You may be envisioning helping each potential buyer with a tour through the house, pointing out your favorite features, and giving ideas about what they could do with each space. It’s actually better that the seller isn’t present for the open house and rather, the agent is the one handling everything.

Make sure you pack up the pets and their food bowls, and the kids and their toys, so that buyers can see a staged home with no reminders of who lives there now during their tour. Keep things anonymous for the best success.

Be open to neighbors

You may find it strange when neighbors get nosy during an open house in their neighborhood and show up just to get a sneak peek of the home they live next to. Believe it or not, it’s actually smart to be open to neighbors stopping by. Not only will it not hurt anything, but they may actually know a friend looking for a home and would be the perfect people to help sell your home to someone they know that they’d love to live next to.

Collect leads

Make sure you are making the most of the open house and have your agent collect leads of any potential buyers. By having your visitors sign in upon arrival, it makes it easier to contact any potentially interested parties and it allows you to bring some safety into the situation of so many visitors.


Make sure you focus heavily on marketing your open house if you want to be successful. Work with reliable agents at Redzone because knowing you have a team to handle things behind the scenes will make a huge difference. Call the professionals at RedZone Realty to discuss strategies for marketing your home for sale, including advertisements on public sites, getting the word out on social media, and other ways to increase traffic.

Choose your timing wisely

Lastly, open house success can depend greatly on your timing. Consider hosting it during an “off” hour, rather than the typical Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Why not host it from 3-5pm on the weekends, or even during a weekday night? Sometimes choosing differently than all of the other sellers will allow buyers who are looking at other houses to make time to see yours as well.

Use these tips to make sure your open house experience is the most successful it can be.

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