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The Importance of Staging & Getting Photos for A Listing

The last thing you want on your home listing is poor photos of poorly-lit rooms with empty rooms and no sign of life. That’s why staging and great photography is what sells a home. Everyone is doing their home searches online with their realtors, and when your listing plays by the rules, you will make the cut for buyers and maybe even stand out among the crowd.

The photographs on your listing will either make or break a sale which means that you need to do everything in your power to make them great. Along with a professional photographer that understands composition and lighting, you need your home to be properly staged to paint a picture for buyers that want to imagine living here. Take a closer look at the importance of staging and taking great photos for any real estate listing.

How to stage the home

Just like if you were selling merchandise in a retail store, your home’s presence needs to be sold with great displays, strategic placement, and a focus on function. A television placed at the ideal spot in the living room is done to show a buyer what it may look like to watch television in that room, just as a bed is set up in the optimal spot for function in master bedroom.

Staging is not to show a potential buyer how you’ve arranged your furniture in your favorite way, but rather to show buyers the optimal use for each room by putting furniture in the proper location for function and aesthetic appeal.

When a home is empty in listing photos, there is no way for a buyer to dream up the potential of their family living in this home sitting on that couch or looking out that window next to the breakfast nook.  Just be sure to remove personal belongings that would distract a buyer from seeing its potential, such as photographs or knickknacks.

What a photographer knows that you don’t

If you’ve staged the home already, can’t you just take the photos yourself? While you may be great at taking cell phone pictures of sunsets and the kid’s soccer games, photographers know things that you don’t about capturing that image just right.

Professional photographers know how to produce a photoshoot with just a dozen or less photos of the interior and exterior, compared to the 500 you may have taken on your own. They can assist with staging to show off that beautiful window in your living room or the best use of the dining room to show off how great dinner parties can look.

They understand things like composition, the way you fill the space, line your shots, and direct the focus, as well as choosing the right angles to make each room look more desirable. They also understand how to choose the right photos for the final listing, how to enhance each one, and how to edit to make sure everything looks perfect for your listing.

Benefits of proper staging and photos

Not only are you more likely to sell your home more quickly, but you’ll notice that those that stage and take professional photos actually make more money and get a better return. It’s likely because their online presence makes them stand out among the competition and there are fewer questions going into a home showing since all of the information was clearly online.

That’s why RedZone Realty is prioritizing their photography services for your home listing, and why their use of Matterport Technology to offer a 3D virtual touring experience is so popular among sellers. It makes it easier than ever for buyers to get a feel for the home in the most professional light possible.

Be sure to work with the team at RedZone Realty for your upcoming move, make sure that you have proper staging and professional images for your listing, as well as a great experience finding the next place to call home.

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