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How to boost sales potential with home staging and photography

If you were on the fence about home staging and having professional photos taken for your listing, it’s time to make this part of the process a top priority. Not only is it a must if you want to sell your home, but it’s actually been proven to boost sales when done right.

Your home’s appearance means a great deal to a potential buyer, and you can’t skimp on showing home buyers what your house looks like in its best light. You’ll even find that your home can sell in less time when you spend adequate time staging and photographing the home. Take a look at why home sales are boosted for sellers that stage and photograph professionally.

How to go about staging and photographing

There are many steps involved in getting your home staged and shining on your listing. First, you’ll need to prepare, clean, and declutter.

Preparing means that you should write out a plan for the vision for each room with a professional stager, including what furniture really highlights the room and what items really need to go. This will help you to decide what furniture may need to be placed in storage before photographing the house, and which items accentuate the room.  If there are any pieces you no longer want, now is a great time to host a garage sale.

Next, you’ll need to clean and declutter the house. Remove any items your stager says does not benefit the room in staging, and start packing up any items that are personal to you and inappropriate for a listing. For example, all of your family photos, documents, children’s toys, and dog items should be removed from a listing.

As you declutter any personal items that a buyer could see and feel a sense that they are a guest in someone else’s home, you’ll also want to make sure you don’t use any offensive cleaning products, bold paint colors, or offensive décor and stick to options that are neutral.

The staging process

Now is the time to get creative with your professional stager by finding ways to make each room in your own look its best. While it may be comfortable to you to have the couch in its usual spot, perhaps it would look more pleasant to a potential buyer to put it near the window with the natural light coming in? While you may love a large sofa for the whole family to share, your buyers may love a non-intrusive loveseat with accompanying chairs for better conversation over tea.

Once you’ve designed your furniture around a buyer’s eye, add elements to bring an impact into the room that doesn’t distract, such as a beautiful rug, framed art, or a lamp. It will be easy to design once you’ve arranged your large pieces of furniture first. Lastly, work on the lighting and smells that potential buyers will notice in the room.

Homes are selling much faster when they are staged compare to those that aren’t, and that’s because people are shopping online in advance and looking to see how yours compared to all of the others. Don’t miss out on your chance to sell quicker by staging professionally and making your house shine its best light. You’ll find that with staging, your home will appear more valuable and you could find yourself with a bidding war that puts you in the winner circle.

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