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The pros and cons of townhouse living

If you’ve ever considered townhouse living, you’ve probably heard that this is a growing trend among homeowners around the country. It’s a great way to get into something that you can own, without the full responsibility of owning the land and the building attached to it.   

These are popular for those that want to own something without the expense and labor of the maintenance involved, as well as the opportunity to be involved in a tight-knit community. If you’re considering making townhouse living your next home, take a look at the pros and cons that you can expect in this living situation.

Sense of community

The first thing that differs from a traditional home is that townhouse living comes with a sense of community, an association, and a difference in privacy. This can be great for those that like to remain social or want the security of being near neighbors. You’ll have less privacy with common walls and roofs, differing from a traditional home that would have neighbors farther away.

You could run into noise pollution through these common walls, and you’ll lose privacy when it comes to outdoor space or having your own structure apart from the neighbors. This can be a pro or con, depending on your preference of being close to neighbors, your desire for guaranteed quiet, and the need for your own structure away from a neighbor.

This means that you won’t get the opportunity to use a private outdoor space since everything will be shared with neighbors. You will also be obligated to association dues every month, to pay for landscaping, social events, and other requirements.

Expenses are down

One of the biggest perks of townhouse living is that it is less expensive than owning a home. Your purchase price will be lower and you’ll often be able to take advantage of discounts. Since you’re sharing the costs of maintenance of the common areas, you’ll save when it comes to a house’s landscaping and maintenance needs.

Yours and your neighbors’ dues will cover the upkeep of the lawn, the gardens, the playgrounds, the pool, and more. You’ll also save yourself the time involved in the labor of outdoor spaces and building upkeep, giving you time and money back into your life for other things.

Amenities are better

When you live in a traditional neighborhood, you may enjoy some amenities like a clubhouse or community pool. With a townhouse community, you can almost always count on a community pool, a tennis court, and meeting rooms for gatherings.

Amenities are expected and are a big part of townhouse living, making it easy for you to count on some extracurricular activity in your own neighborhood. You are paying for these services through your association dues, but you’ll often get more than you bargained for, such as access to social events, trash and pest control, and a place to grill on the weekends.

While you may sacrifice some privacy and you won’t get the outdoor space you were hoping to garden in, you will get access to affordable homeownership, a sense of community with great amenities to enjoy, and your time back on the weekends when you’re not dealing with maintenance and repairs. Consider townhouse living if this appeals to you, and contact Redzone Realty Group if you’re ready for a change!

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