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What to look for in your ideal realtor

When you’re about to enter the marketplace to buy or sell a home for the first time, you may be wondering what to look for in a real estate agent. All you know is that you need one and that there are so many options in town, but how do you choose the right one?

The best place to start is to learn the characteristics of an ideal realtor and then to determine what type of agent would suit your specific needs. Take a look at what makes up an ideal realtor so that you know what to look for in your upcoming agent needs.

Educated and knowledgeable

The first thing is to look for someone that is clearly knowledgeable and educated in the field. This person is going to need to be experienced in what it takes to buy and sell homes, including the details of contracts, the ability to negotiate, and knowledge of the local market.

Anyone can get their real estate license, but you need someone that is well-versed on the local market and that understands the different neighborhoods, how to match your needs with the right part of town, and what price points each area will require. Your family may have a different idea in mind for your dream neighborhood compared to another client, which is why your agent should know the local area well.

Organization and tenacity

Another great set of qualities your realtor should have is organized attention to detail, as well as the tenacity to get the job done efficiently. When a property becomes available that suits you, they call you right away and they show you that they are working hard for you.

They are also organized by returning calls right away and making appointments on time. Working hard and staying organized also means they are able to pinpoint details that would improve your listing or offer the best opportunities and they don’t give up throughout the process.

Great personality, appearance, and personable

Look for an agent that overall gives you good vibes. Does this person dress and appear professionally? Do they come off as confident but also polite? Do they seem personable and make you feel comfortable at each interaction? These are all traits that you’ll be glad they have when you choose a realtor.

Tech knowledge, great communication, and always available

Now that you’ve found a nice agent that seems on top of the details and the local market, find out if this person seems tech-savvy and is easy to reach. You’ll be able to tell if he or she is tech-savvy by their strong company website and the ability to search for things online quickly. Since so much of the process these days is done online, you’ll need a realtor that can use technology efficiently.

Be sure that this person is easy to reach and always available, even if it’s just to speak to someone in the office. An agent with a team is great for having an available realtor working for you, and when your agent calls you back or returns emails regularly, you know you’ve found someone that is able to communicate well. They should also be willing to talk to you in whichever medium you prefer, whether it’s phone calls, email, or social media.

Honesty and integrity

Lastly, make sure you’ve found someone that is truthful, honest and demonstrates integrity. Your agent should be willing to tell you the truth even if you don’t want to hear it and should show that they have your interests above their own throughout the process. Make sure your agent will tell you it like it is and will do their best to help you in the long-term rather than their own pocketbook.

Looking for an agent can be overwhelming, but if you know what qualities to look for, it will make things simpler. If your agent doesn’t meet these requirements, move on to someone that is better suited for your family. Our team at Redzone has several agents that meet these requirements so call us today for help with your Jacksonville home-buying (or selling! needs).

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